Sunday 24 April 2016

Static Defence Scenario: ACW

A Neil Thomas Scenario with two objectives. A camp in the east
and a dominate hill in the North/West.
Dicing made the Union the defenders with 4 Green Infantry Regiments,
a Green Cavalry Regiment and a 6 gun 12pndr Napoleon Battery.
 2 units must remain near each objective and the Confederates only need to capture one to win.

Deciding the Camp is the most obvious target the Federals defend it
with two Infantry and the Battery. 

 The 2nd New York Volunteers ready to defend the camp.

 The Hill is further north and garrisoned by 71st New York Regiment and the 10th Illinois Cavalry. The 2nd New Hampshire is positioned so they can quickly support the Camp.

 The Confederates dice for their force and receive 4 Green Regiments,
an experienced Zouave Regiment and a battery of  4 12 pndrs.
All the confederates come on the west side heading for the far Hill objective!

 The Louisiana Tigers. They were the only experienced unit for both sides.

The Union begins to redeploy to defend the Hill!

The 10th Illinios dismount and head towards the west wood.

 The Battery unlimbers ready to fire in support.

 The 6th North Carolina manage a double move and successfully charge the Federal guns!

The 5th Massachusetts cross the fence to confront the North Carolina's

 The 7th Georgia form line and advance on the west wood. 

 The terrible odds facing the 71st New York.

 The 2nd New Hampshire defends the central wood from the 2nd Alabama.

 The Rebel Battery begins to bombard the 71st NY.  

 The fight for West Wood gets close and intense.

Out numbered the 71st NY bravely stands its ground.

Eventually it takes too many stun hits retreats back to the Hill!  

The dismounted Cavalry starts to stack up hits on the Georgians!   

General Porter rallies the 71st NY.

 The Cavalry wins!

The Georgians rout from the field.

The Federals manage to get the upper hand in the Central Wood as well.

 The 6th Nth Carolinas have seen off the 5th Mass  and are now confronted by the 2nd NY.

Battered the 4th Alabama retreat from the Central Wood.

The Illinois are pushed out of the West Woods.

 The Tigers fight for the Central Wood.

 The 6th fight off another Union Regiment

The Union Counter attack.

 The 71st are again forced back to the Hill.

The 2nd New Hampshire rout from the Central Wood!

 The artillery deliver constant fire.

And the 71st eventually break!

General Evans and the Tigers march unopposed to the Hill.
Confederate Victory!

The rules used were the  Shako to Coal-Scuttle by Nordic Weasel Games.
I've changed some rules to allow for Troop grades and ACW regiments habit of running then rallying.
Plus Brigade Commanders ratings. I have found them fun to use so far.


  1. What a nice report David, great pictures and beautiful figures (love the 'Tigers')...Well done!

  2. Great looking game David, some real ACW ebb and flow there. The Confederate quality came through in the end?
    Really beaut close-up photos too. Did I see some old Freikorps figures amongst those Union gunners?

    1. Thanks James. They are Blue Moon figures which do have that skinny retro look. The Confederates were able to feed in fresh reserves after a couple of set backs. The loss of the Union battery early probably made a big attritional difference too.

  3. Excellent write up David! Love the miniatures and the battlefield, too! Extra points for the NT scenario :)

    1. Ha ha thanks Steven I appreciate the extra points. I use random bonus terrain to increase the replayability of each scenario.

  4. Nice looking, compact game and a fine write up, David!

  5. Thank you, I enjoyed that.

  6. Loved both the writeups of these rules, the only ones I have seen so far. In fact I liked them so much I downloaded them :)

    How did you cover individual unit quality? Also I see that your units seem to vary from the 4 stand Infantry/Cavalry and 1 stand Artillery. What did you use?


    1. Hi Kaptain. I glad you enjoyed the write ups. I use 6 bases for Cavalry and infantry because that's how my forces are organised. For Artillery I use one model per 2 guns so normaly 3 for union and 2 for Confederates. For Artillery shooting I use the normal factors and dice but add one dice for each extra gun. So +2 extra dice for a full strength Union battery and +1 Confederate. For unit quality I dispensed with the 1= retreat on the dice and just used 6=kill and 5,4,3= stunned for green troops, 5,4= stunned for experienced and only 5=stunned for Elite regiments. I tried to abbreviate the rule so I hope it still makes sense. This was to increase the likelyhood the ACW regiments will loose heart and withdraw when stunned equals or exceeds the number of bases but still be able to rally and come back.

    2. Interesting ideas, and I like the fact that you've factored unit quality into the single combat die roll instead of making it a separate roll. I noticed that although the alternate firing and close combat mechanisms in the rules factor in unit quality, the 'stop charge' fire doesn't.

      I'm looking forward to trying out these rules in the next couple of weeks, either with ACW, or with my South American Liberation forces. Or both :)

  7. Looking forward to seeing the reports! The way I handle the stunned results are. Once the stuns equal or greater than the number of remaining bases the regiment retreats 12inches and rallies a stun. If it's stuns are still equal or greater than the number of bases it then retreats another 6 inches and looses one base and rallies two stuns, repeat. Hope you enjoy the game.

  8. Nice writeup and photos. Did the rules every go anywhere? I noticed the beta rules were removed from WargameVault.

  9. Hi Dale. Just saw your post! I'm not sure, if there was a final version I missed the post. The rules certainly had merit/ some interesting ideas. I enjoyed them with my own tweaking and still might use them after trying out some others eg Black Powder was the last one.

  10. I was a bit confused as I assumed you were using the OHW rules, also. I just got FStC and it looks great but haven't had a chance to play it yet.

    I Must've played this scenario a dozen times or more with my OHW inspired WWII rules in fall of 2015 here: great scenario, takes a bunch of thinking.