Friday 28 October 2016

1st Battalion, Regiment of Foot Prince George

I tried my hand at 1/72 foot this week. Starting with a Danish Regiment from the Blenheim OOB.
Grant lists them as having light grey coat and orange cuffs and pants. I took advantage of fairly deep bases to off set the figures and try to give an impression of back rank shooting, front rank ready to fire.

No flag yet. I think I need to order them from Maverick.
Better with blonde hair!

Monday 17 October 2016

Helmstaett Horse Cuirassier Regiment

Finished my first War of Spanish Succession Regiment.
They are 1/72 Strelets. I found painting the larger scale mess's with your rhythm a bit!
For instance painting a grey horse in 15mm is quite routine, in 20mm it wasn't.
How ever the 20mms are more relaxing! 

Saturday 15 October 2016

New Period, New Scale, New Project.

A conversation with Julian, a War of Spanish Succession enthusiast, and member of those irrepressible historical battlers  ANV , lead me to "find out more/anything" about this early 18th century conflict. I found so many things that appealed and was immediately hooked!
Some of them are.
Intriguing political background that leaves room to sympathise with either side.
Many different national armies that can be mixed and matched together. This means I can build my armies in a module style. Paint a brigade of Austrians then a brigade from Swabia etc.
The uniforms are colourful but are easy to paint.
The ease this can develop into ImagiNations should I wish too.
So after ordering about 6 new books I am painting regiments from Allies right flank at Blenheim for the up coming ANV replay. I've needed to switch up to 1/72 scale for this game.

WIP Helmstaett Horse Cuirassier Regiment (Swabia)

Only a couple of steps left. Flag, bases and wash.
I normaly paint the faces last because Terry Wise said so in my first wargame book. :)

I've found the larger scale a bit of a challenge so far.
But I'm enjoying a return to my 1/72 roots.

I'm now undecided wether to continue with this scale for all my WSS armies or switch
to 18mm for my home collection. The problems being having to collect new terrain and the
difficulty getting what you want in this scale.

Friday 14 October 2016

Some senior ACW Commanders

General Beauregard

General Hunter

Federal Baggage. Love having a baggage train for armies.

Saturday 8 October 2016

Eureka 18mm ACW Reinforcements.

I painted these a little while ago but I thought I'd post them to prove I'm still alive!

The CSA get a battery of 3 inch Rifles.

The 1st Rhode Island Regiment. 

11th Mississippi. Must be hell being dyslexic and living in that state. 
I have to spell check it every time.