Tuesday 30 October 2012

Zombie Horde

I received my first Zombies in yesterdays mail. They are from Rebel minis and show that humour crossed with the macabre that is at the root of Zombie appeal.

They were a pleasure to paint and took me one afternoon and evening to complete the 22. That's about 10 times faster than I can normally go.
The little girl is holding a dead cat!

The camera realy picks up the errors that my eyes don't! :oP

Finished just in time for the end of Zoctober!

Sunday 28 October 2012

Humvees for Zombies

Working on a new Zombie project. I've made paper city and now the first figures have arrived. Some Humvees from Peter pig. I've painted them up to my usual low standard.

I like them. They remind me of toy soldiers when I was a child.

Sunday 14 October 2012

Castiglione 1796

A Battle form Napoleons first campaign in Italy. Scenario taken form Chris Leach's Fields of Glory.
The Austrian defensive positions looking from the south.

General Schubriz surrounded by his Austrian Cavalry Reserve.
Positioned on the extreme left.

Nicoletti's small command holding the redoubt on Monte Medonlano.
Situated on the Austrian left.

Wetzel's division in and around the town of Solferino on the Austrian right flank.

General Lipthay and some of his Grenadier reserves that were to perform heroically during the replay.

Gen.Kilmaine and the French Cavalry on the French right.
Situated opposite the Austrian horse it was decided to attack them immediately and so cover the arrival of Fiorella's Division on the Austrian left rear.

Augereau's Division on the French Right Center. His orders are to attack and occupy
 Nicoletti and Peist forces until Fiorella's flank march can arrive.

First blood. The Austrian 12pndr Battery causes the French Dragoons to go shaken.

A battery from Peist's division exchanges fire with the French Grande Battery.

Over view after the first turn. Massena's Division can be seen advancing to the right of the road.

The big cavalry clash south of Monte Medolano!

When the dust had cleared the Austrian Lancers had fled the field never to return and the their
4th Hussars had defeated two French Regiments but left with blown horses facing the a third.

Nicoletti's 12pndrs were too much for the Voltigeurs.

To the North Leclerc's Brigade arrives and begins its attack on Solferino.

The French Hussars rout evening up the cavalry battle once again.

The skirmishers battle gets to point blank range.

Augereau's Division successfully aassaultshe redoubt.
Fiorella's flank march arrives and  his Dragoons manage to charge and rout the Hussars
causing the Austrian Cavalry to leave the field.

With the two commands on his left collapsing simultaneously Peist attempts to realign
his forces while waiting for reinforcement from Lipthay's Grenadier brigade.

Meanwhile Massena's casualties start to mount. But with all the Aide de camps
down south his attack orders can't be changed.

The pressure starts to become too great for Peist's command.

Lipthay's Grenadiers arrive and move up on Peist's left.

But the presure has been to much and the Peist's division goes into retreat.

Massena's Command collapses.

The Grenadiers manage to repel the French attempts to continue the out flanking manoeuvre. 

But eventually Peist's Division collapses completely and the Grenadiers are surrounded.
Victory to the French.