Monday 30 July 2012

The Terumbu Layang Campaign # 2

Battle of Ardasier Reef
The Indonesians have retained the initiative from last time and rolled a supply mission. With no forces in the theater this converts to a Troop Transport mission they must escort the LST ship safely to Ardesier Island.. Both sides rolled up four ships and no air support.

The Indonesian Task group sailing from the South West. 06:00 hours

Top down we have the KRI Nala 1,200tons Corvette 120mm DP gun, Exocet SSM, Wasp helicopter.
The  KRI 501 LST 6x 40mm AA guns, 100 troops.  
The Indonesian Flag in KRI Ahmed Yani 2,200tons Frigate 76mm DP gun, Harpoon SSM, Wasp Heli.

Out front as pickets at the top is the KRI Malahagati 1,200tons Corvette 120mm DP gun, Exocet SSMs
KRI 372 800tons patrol boat 57mm DP gun, 4xTorpedoes.

Patrolling south of Ardasier Island for Malaysia was 
RMN Nadim (Now known as "Lucky Nadim") 675tons Patrol ship 76mm DP gun, Otomat2 SSM.
RMN Lekiu 2,300tons Frigate 57mm DP gun, Exocet SSM, Super Lynx Helicopter.

20nm further south another pair of Malaysian ships are patrolling.
RMN Handalan 240tons Patrol Boat 57mm DP gun, Exocet SSM
RMH Pahang 1,800 Corvette 76mm DP gun, Super Lynx Helicopter.

The Indonesian ship out front KRI 372 manages to detect both RMH Handalan and RMH Nadin at extreme range without being pick up. 0630hrs

Thinking they were only facing two enemy ships KRI Malahagati and KRI Nala speed forward to engage firing Exocets. RMN Lekiu and RMN Handalan also return fire with Exocets. RMN Nadim fires Aspide SAMs at the two missiles aimed at her downing one the other Exocet reaches close range where Nadim manages to shoot it down with 40mm AA fire! (Lucky Nadim)

Handalan manages to deflect one of the Exocets with chaff.

The second one, unfortunately, strikes home and the small Boat catches on fire and sinks.

KRI 372 fires chaff which decoys one of the missiles aimed at her towards KRI Malahagati.

The decoyed missile misses the corvette KRI Malahagati but the other two hit home leaving her covered in a cloud of smoke. KRI 372 is also hit and stopped dead in the water.

With two ships out of action within minutes of each other the KRI Ahmed Yani shepherds the LST full of troops north. She also launched her Helicopter in an attempt to find out what she is facing. 06:45hrs

KRI Ahmed Yani then launches two longer range Harpoon SSMs at the largest blip, RMN Lekiu.

RMN Lekiu has also sent up its Helicopter.

RMN Nadim launches two Otomat2 SSMs at the already damaged KRI 372 inflicting a mortal wound.

KRI Ahmed Yani's Helicopter fires a pair of  Sea skuas ASMs at RMS Nadim. Both miss. (Lucky Nadim)

RMN Lekiu manages to decoy one of the harpoons aimed at it. It changes course towards Nadim but misses. (Lucky Nadim). The other hits causing heavy damage and bringing the ship to a dead stop.

The Malaysian force is now down to 50% effective and facing attacks from over the horizon Harpoon missiles decides to leave the area. 07:15hrs This allows the Indonesian landings to go ahead on Ardasier Reef.

Thursday 26 July 2012

The Kerang Teluk incident.

Political background for the Terumbu Layang Campaign.
Late 2012 a new strongly nationalistic government is elected in Indonesia. They immediately resurrect old claims regarding east Malaysia. Of particular interest being shown in three islands/reefs in the South China Sea and the fishing and other possible rich resources that go with ownership.
The islands/reefs are Terumba Layang, Ardasier Reef and Mariveles Reef. All three are garrisoned by the Malaysian army. It would require an incident to provide the pretense to occupy these islands.
Campaign mechanics.
I'll be using random missions from a list of 8 and random forces from the two national lists as best as I can research them. The missions all involve the side with initiative trying to achieve a goal. Failure passes the initiative to the other side. No vessel or aircraft will be available for two missions in a row and damaged vessels or aircraft will be unavailable until repaired.
The Indonesian navy is the larger but the Malays have a slight advantage in the air.
I'll be using the Shipwreck rules. So far I really like them!
The Kerang Teluk incident

The Indonesian flagged fishing vessel Kerang Teluk begins fishing conspicuously 8nm south of  the island of Terumbu Layang.

The Malaysian Patrol ship Kedah (Kedah class) is sent to intercept, take the ship under command with view to laying charges for illegal fishing in Maylasian territorial waters. At 13:15hrs She detects the Kerang Teluk at 18nm distance. 1800 tons 76mm DP gun. Lynx Helicopter.

Unknown to the Kedas Captain 40nm to the east Indonesian Patrol ship Kapitan Pattimura is waiting to cover the Kerang Teluks escape and create an "incident". 800 tons 57mm DP gun 4x Torpedoes.

The Kerang Teluks bridge crew are on their toes and manage to detect the aproaching Kedas. The Captain fires her up and the chase is on! She ignores commands from the Kedas to stop.

The Kedah detects the Kapitan Pattimura 14:00hrs closing off the port bow.

Sensing danger the Kedah Captain launches his Lynx Helicopter to scout for any further vessels.

Cheers from the bridge of the Kerang Teluks as the Kapitan Pattimura hoves into view at 25knts!
Bravely the Captain of Kapitan Pattimura places his smaller ship bettween the Kerang Teluk and her Malaysian pursuers. The Kedah requests instructions from Naval command now the second ship has been confirmed as a Indonesian naval vessel. The new orders are to reduce speed and shadow the Kerang Teluk until further orders.
Tensions rise as the two ships maneuver so closely together. Suddenly at 14.45hrs the Kapitan Pattimura opens fire. (this detail is disputed by the Indonesians) The Kedah takes hits that cause light damage as well as knocking out its 14.5mm AA gun. The Kedah responds with its 76mm main gun. Its first shot is a hit that causes a spectacular explosion in Kapitan Pattimuras midships!

The Kedah stops to assist the survivors and recalls its helicopter.

This allows the Kerang Teluk to escape along with its evidence.
Note: When i was a young boy I was lucky enough to see a similar situation off the coast of Australia. Except it was a large Japanese fishing ship and it was harassed and chased by the local fishing fleet. It was very exciting and the nearly the whole town turned up on the look outs to watch.

Monday 23 July 2012

Chevau-Legers and Austrian Army

Last night I finished my second regiment of Austrian Chevau-Legers and so am now only two small 8 man skirmisher groups away from completing my Austrian Army. :o) To celebrate here's some pics of the Chevau-Legers with still wet bases and shots of the Austrian army sans one brigade of 1813 Infantry.
 They are AB figures. Lots of variety to the positioning of the horses heads just like a real line of horse and riders.
The Rest of the army is a variety of Essex, Battle Honors and AB's some of which date back to the early nineties when they were 12 man battalions fighting under the Shako rules. 

Cavalry: 2 regiments of Cuirassiers, 2 Regiments of Dragoons, 2 Regiments of Chevau-Legers, 2 Regiments of Hussars, one Regiment of Uhlans.
Infantry: 4 Battalions of Grenadiers, 10 Battalions of German Line, 3 Battalions of Hungarians, 2 Battalions of Grenz, 4 Battalions of Shako German Line, 1 Battalion of Jager, 18 companies of Skirmishers. 
and 5 Batteries. 
I keep the Guns loose so I can substitute what ever size I want.

And of course the Archduke Charles. :o)
Seemed to have missed taking shots of most of the cavalry. Oh well next batrep.

Saturday 21 July 2012

English Civil War: First regiments WIP

I've finished my first ECW Regiments, or nearly have. :o)
The bases need finishing and the Flags are missing!

Friday 20 July 2012

The 1/1200 scale Airforce arrives

The air arm of my newest project Modern Naval Campaigns have arrived. The Helicopters lacked Rotors so I punched out some clear plastic and fitted those. I think they look the part though some could do with slightly larger rings.

Some SU-30's poke their nose in. :o)

They are so small it wasn't obvious to the naked eye that the cabins needed painting. But once seen through super macro lens I can see i do. :o)