Friday, 8 April 2016

The 3rd Michigan Cavalry

Argh the flag glue didn't stick! Still I'm getting better at the painting.
And dismounted

Couple of the Regiments daring dos!
Taken from civil war index.
In November Co. K made a daring trip. Communication between Grant and Sherman had been cut off by the destruction of railway and telegraph lines, the enemy's pickets extending to Memphis.
Capt. Newell and his company advanced from La Grange to Moscow, made a circuit of 17 miles by night, attacked and captured the pickets at Somerville, and charged through a regiment. Finding the bridge burned at Wolf river, the company plunged into and across the river, and being taken for Confederates, pushed through a brigade and reached Sherman's headquarters at Memphis.

The regiment was engaged at Brownsville in January and Clifton in February. At the latter point Capt. Newell of Co. K and 60 men crossed the river after nightfall in an old flat bottom boat and captured the Confederate Col. Newsom, 3 of his captains, 4 lieutenants and 61 enlisted men, with horses, arms and equipments. The regiment was in engagements at Jackson and Panola in July, and at Grenada in August was in the advance, destroying over 60 locomotives and more than 400 cars -

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  1. Always useful (and beautiful!) to paint mounted and dismounted troops, well done David!

  2. David they look fantastic! I am sorely lacking in the Cavalry department.

    A tip for the flags, I use a ton of "elmers" glue so that when you squeeze the flag, it oozes out of the top, bottom, and side. You'll get your hand sticky but you'll be able to shape the flag as if it's flying in the breeze! You have to really soak the paper and it will stick.

    1. Thanks for the tip Steven! I would like to have that wave in the middle. There are currently five painted (or nearly) Flag bearers sitting on my table to practice on.

  3. First a fine looking unit, and a very bold one form the unit history! ACW cavalry was far more useful in the strategic realm than the tactical, unfortunately for us tabletop gamers.

    Second, I don't use quite as much white glue, but agree with Stephen re: letting the paper get soggy and then it will shape (and stick) fine. Folds are best made by folding/squeezing the flag on the *diagonal*. Finally, it really helps to paint the edges of the flag anywhere there is a color other than white.

  4. Thanks for the tips Peter. I tried Stevens method, first fixing the 3rd Michigan and on my 2nd Alabama Infantry Regiment. I may have over done the glue and there was an unfortunate incident involving the flag bears hat. How ever I managed to put a wave into the flag and being a tri colour style it looks quite effective! I now see what you mean about painting the edges. Will need to practice this first, I think.