Saturday 8 September 2012

Terumbu Layang Campaign 4

Having finally won over the initiative the Royal Malaysian Navy send out an aggressive patrol of three missile armed vessels supported by a Maritime Patrol plane. The ships were.
Jebat 2,300 tons Frigate 57mm DP gun, Exocet SSM
Jamil 675 tons Corvet 76mm DP gun, Otomat 2 SSM
Perkasa 240 tons Patrol 57mm DP gun , Exocet SSM
Mean while the Indonesians have reacted to the disaster at Ardasier Reef by sending out a powerful group based on two Ahmed Frigates supported by three Patrol boats.
Sudaso & Siahaan 2,200 tons 76mm DP gun, Harpoon SSM
KRI 373 & KRI 374 800 tons 57mm DP gun, SAN-5 SAM
Singa 400 tons 57mm DP gun 2x Torpedo tubes.
07:00 The Malay Patrol plan spots 3 Indonesian ships to the NW.

07:15 RMNS Jamils launches two of her long range Otomat SSMs @ KRI 374

The first missile is decoyed by chaff towards KRI Siahaan and is shot down at the last minute by AA fire. 
The second hits KRI 374 and detonates her magazine.

RMNS Jamil turns south to maintain the range while RMN Jebat and RMN Perkasa attempt to close.

The Indonesian Captain sends the patrol boat Singa forward to find the Malays.

Which she does at 07:45. With both fleets now lighting each other up an missile exchange begins.
KRI Sudarso to the north remains hidden.

The Patrol plane nervously stays on station as it  is passed by missiles going both ways!

Brave KRI Singa, being the closest "blimp" is targeted and hit by an Exocet which sinks her.

RMN Perkasa is hit and left dead in the water by an Exocet.
A SSM is shot down by KRI 373 and yet another by AA fire by Siahaan.

At 08:00 a Harpoon from KRI Sudarso hits and begins a fire on RMNS Jebat. With two ships crippled and 3 Indonesian ships closing Jamil is ordered to withdraw.
Campaign update
Indonesia has captured one of the three islands and sunk 3 Malay ships with another under repairs.
Malaysia has managed to sink 7 Indonesian ships but has lost one island.

Sunday 2 September 2012

French 2nd Cuirassiers

I've just finished the 2nd Cuirassiers. Now I'm posting I've noticed that the swords weres till bent out in painting postion when I took the photos. Oh well never mind. :o)

They are now ready for the Battle of Abensberg I've been working on.