Wednesday 28 March 2012

Second post. Finished Projects.

I've finished my PFD troopers and I'm pretty happy at their overall look. Also finished some 1809 Austrian Line and the last of the 4th Hussars "Hessen-Homburg" along with a command stand. Oh and some nearly completed Cuirassiers that keep nosing into shots. :o)
                                         Some of the PFD Troopers. Rebel Minis.

                                         Lieutenant Adams.

                                          Austrian General. AB figures.

                                          Austrian Line Infantry 1809. AB figures

                                          Austrian 4th Hussars Hessen-Homburg. AB figures

Monday 26 March 2012

First post and latest painting projects

Wow my first post. I've been wanting to do this since way back. Big thanks to the NapNuts of Singapore for the original inspiration. Big thanks to the TMP bloggers for reassuring me that that first blogs seldom result in serious loss of life! Here's some pics of my first Sci-Fi figures and some 1805-1809 Austrian Line.
AB Austrians, Rebel Mini Soldiers, GZG Police

Thanks to some help from the TMP Sci-Fi painting guides brains trust I was able to get I result that I was happy with painting the windscreen on my new Hovercraft.

GZG Hovercraft

Here's a shot of some completed police and unfinished Planetary Defence Troopers.
And a Shot of Sgt Plod. The senior Police officer.

And lieutenant Adams OIC 1st Platoon PDF.