Wednesday 21 November 2012

FUBAR Training Day

I wanted to try out the one page FUBAR rules and decided it would be more fun if I also try out my solo system but with out reinforcements or Artillery/Air support and only half sized forces. Then i got greedy and decided to give my Rebel Mini Comanches their first run. Not thinking what 3 light armoured vehicles would do to the play balance against a small Militia Unit with no LAWs/RPGs and without any heavy support and only a 50-50 chance of a ATGW. Whoops.

Enter the Mine Control Centre (centre top of picture)
One Regular half Platoon consisting of Platoon HQ of 7 with two snipers and a ATGW
and two fire teams of 4 including a SAW each and three Comanche light armoured Vehicles.
Local Leon Militia. Unknown but est at reinforced Squad  of 12.
Positions unknown but 6 likely points have been identified and marked SUE (Stationary Unidentified Enemy)
The Plan
Fire Team A will go left and debus behind the hill. They will then move forward and clear the woods on the LHS. HQ Team will follow A and once woods are cleared set up both sniper teams  on the hill giving them a commanding view of the Command centre. Fire team B will go right and capture the small tree covered hill.

First turn Team A reach their first objective. Everyone else hangs back.

Team A unloads and their Comanche does a recon of the woods.

They spot enemy movement!

The Platoon HQ moves up ready to take position.

The two Comanches start laying down suppressive fire on the woods.

Lacking means of hurting the Comanche's beyond grenade range
the Militia withdraw into the woods.

Meanwhile on the right flank Team B is moving slowly through the woods to avoid being spotted.

Team A follow up the retreating Militia but then come under fire from Militia in the right hand shed.
Platoon HQ moves onto the hill to provide covering fire. The snipers prove to be very effective. 

An advancing Comanche spots a police team in the small shop.
Concentrated fire has forced the Militia in the shed to retreat from the field.
But the Police will successfully pin Team A down in the open for several turns.

Team B prepare to occupy the small wooded hill on the right flank.

The Militia suddenly move back to the forest edge and unleash a bucket of close range automatic fire dice. Unfortunately poor dice and body armour saves reduce the effect. They are hit three times after everyone on that flank opened up on them.

Down to 50% strength the Police fire team are forced to retreat when ever they fail activation.

The Team B Comanche reconnoiters the last two SUE's.
Both come up empty. Exercise over.

FUBAR verdict. 
Enjoyable set of rules. I started using the Ultra move rules after a couple of turns and they are better.
Even though I was using bottom of the barrel quality there was plenty happening.
The Solo rules.
They did what they are supposed to do. Challenge me to plan ahead with out knowing whats there. And to consciously try to avoid being spotted.
I think they will work.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Zedman Walking #3

Does this automatic handgun make me look fat? Day 3

Over the next 24 hours the news reports of Attacks became more frequent and footage of looting more constant. The group agreed they were going to need more supplies to last this out and more than Annie's Rifle to defend themselves. It was decided to head into central Bodge City were there is a Asian specialist supermarket on the ground floor of Pete and Marge's old place of work and a hunting survivalist store on the floor above.

The Plan
1. Val (Rep3) and Marge(Rep2) in their car (Green)will lead the way with
Bobby(Rep2), Annie(Rep3) and Pete(Rep4) following in Bobby's car (Silver).
2. Leave the cars at the car park and head over to the supermarket for supplies then
up stairs and pick up weapons from the hunting store.
3. Head home and wait it out until the Government reasserts some law and order.

Two other cars representing PEFs (PEF means a random group of hidden type and numbers)
come into view. Both randomly come up as passersby
but they each also increase the Encounter rating for the area.

Two small groups of Zombies spot the cars and start moving towards them.

The group LtoR Marge,Val, Bobby, Pete and Annie.

The group are surprised by a small horde of Zombies but clean them up quite quickly!

Another PEF car turns up and this one is made up of two friendly Citizens.
Micky and Mini. (These two have the word Victims written all over them.)

The other small horde of Zombies attack and again the group seem to do well. 
Val has to help Marge out though.
Micky lends a hand polishing off the last Zed that had been knocked down.
The Group continue on to the supermarket as Micky and Mini go park their car.

The group enter the Supermarket there is  a small group of shoppers but they are behaving themselves. 

To get around the awkwardness of entering a shop with a rifle and garden tools covered in blood the group leave the weapons outside with Annie. I changed Her figure after she got the gun out from the car.
The group only manage to buy 3 boxes of food.

The cops turn up and head to where the shots were fired earlier.

The group emerge form the building. Val now has himself an Automatic Rifle and new safari suit, Pete has a Big Arse Handgun and hunting knife, Bobby and Marge both got Automatic pistols.
(This was a better result than I expected. Now everyone is packing heat!)

Just in time too because a group of Zombies appear at the corner.

The Zombies charge but the new firepower stops them!

Fortunately the Police, Sgt Tazer (Rep4) and Constable Nick (Rep4) are distracted
before  they can  question the group about firing guns in a built up area.

These two prove through out the game to be deadly shots.

The group fight their way across the road!
Meanwhile behind them Mick and Mini have walked, unmolested, into the supermarket.

Not wanting to talk to the Police, Pete leads them down a back alley.

Lining up the group are able to shoot down Zombies at a distance for the first time.
Its a great feeling and there's high fives all around!

Though all the noise seems to be attracting more of them and the group
soon finds themselves slightly surrounded.

Marge and Bobby finishing off knocked down Zombies while Val and Annie form a rear guard.

By this time Officers Tazer and Nick also find themselves surrounded.

Suddenly everyone is fighting hand to hand trying to survive.
Mick and Mini are about two moves away form joining the group when Mini is jumped
from the rear by a Zombie Icecream salesman. She falls obviously Dead!

Some how the group have managed to defeat most of their attackers with out loss!

Desperate to get away from this corner, that they have been stuck on for ages, Pete moves on and leaves Marge and Val to finish off the last Zombie.
Unfortunately the Zombie defeats them, killing Val outright!

A good head shot from Annie takes out the Zombie and Poor Marge is left to
Mercy Rekill her husband before he reanimates.

The group finally gets moving ReKilling Mick on the way past.

The group seems to be facing a never ending amount of Zombies between them and their cars!

Pete decides that Marge and Bobby's shooting isn't hitting anything and just creating noise
that then attracts more Zombies. He tells them not to fire just provide the finishing stroke to
any Z's that He and Annie only knock down.
A random event brings an argument. I decide its between Bobby and Pete over the new tactics.

Meanwhile the Police are down to their last Zombie!

This new tactic seems to be working!

Bobby finishes the last Zombie as Marge starts the car.

The Team get out of Bodge! They picked up 3 boxes of Food
an Automatic Rifle and three Pistols. Pete, Marge and Annie all leveled up.
What an arm wrestle! The group and the Police were both stuck on a corner each not being able to move. the Zombies on the other hand threatened constantly to over whelm but never could.
Loosing poor old Val is a big blow to the Groups chances I think.