Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Musket solo rules

I’ve tried different solo systems but this simple, mainly 50-50 chance, rules have worked for me in solo and co-op games before. I’ve tidied them up a bit so hopefully others might understand them.
They are all about the random allocation of units between 5 commands Left Flank, Right Flank, Centre, Reserve and Off Table Reinforcements.The difference in strength for the Flanks or Centre decides where attacks are committed and the movement of troops from the Reserve in response to changing situations or the arrival of Off Table Reinforcements can change these situations.


Dice for each unit in the army and assign the units to one of 5 commands.

1=left flank 2= right flank 3=centre 4=centre  5=Reserve 6=off table Reinforcements.

No Command may have more than 50% of the force. The Commands operate in their own area only but may shoot into neighbouring areas. The Reserve is located in centre rear.

If one Army has 25% more troops it is the attacker and the other the defender. If not they both may be attackers. Or as per scenario.


If an attacker has 30% more units on a flank or in the centre they attack there.  If supported by Artillery then they should take 2 turns of preparative fire before advancing. If Defenders have more line units on a flank or in the centre they should move those closest excess units into the next Command area but at least one line unit must remain.

Empty Zones

No movement between Flanks or centre zones is allowed unless there were no enemy forces in the opposing enemy Command. Then units may continue to advance in the Command area until they are in a position to attack enemy units in the next Command area.  Defenders must not remove the last line unit from a Command.


The Reserve is the key to the enjoyment of the game. If any units/elements are lost from a flank or the centre the next Command phase you test to see if any reserves are released.

Throw a D6 with a 4-6 equalling a success.  If there are no line units left in that Command (only artillery or skirmishers remain) then it’s an automatic success. If successful then all reserve units are tested with the highest score plus any with scores equal to or higher than 4 are transferred to that Command.  If more than one Command is successful then use the priority of Centre, right flank and left flank.


The off table Reinforcements are tested for arrival each turn after the first. D6 less and score less than the turn number for them to arrive. D6 again for location 1 left flank. 2. Right flank 3, 4 centre 5 6 Reserve.

The Reserve will activate and behave like a separate Command if any enemy approach with in 12inchs of the CinC.

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