Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wargaming on a budget

I found these "commandments" on the Blog  The Quick and the Zed
 His was a version of on Space Cow Smith's Budgethammer Commandments, adapted for zombie wargaming:

 Rules for Wargaming on a Budget

1. Wargaming is fun, so enjoy the hobby!
2. Don't break the bank; you can spend no more than $30 a month on figures, terrain, supplies, etc.
3. NO "Oooh Shiney!" purchases allowed! If it's an impulse buy, you don't need it.
4. You must paint at least 6 figures a week.
5. You can't buy any new figures until the last month's figures have been painted. "except to take advantage of time limited special deals for planned projects"  or when starting a new period.
6.  "Don't buy anything you can't easily make."
7. You now have figures, use them! You must play a minimum of two games a month.
8. Play the rules you enjoy the most
9. You must build and paint at least one terrain piece a month.
10. Post on my blog at least 3 times a month.

I've been trying to follow these rules since reading the original 3 weeks ago.

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