Tuesday 6 November 2012

Zedman walking. Z Day


Bodge City: Day 1

There had been spasmodic reports of horrific incidents for days. But during what was to be later called Zed day everything just seemed to fall apart all at once. By mid morning no one could pull themselves away from the TV reports and the Boss sent everyone home to their love ones.
Using All Things Zombie rules. Rep= general skill level.
Pete Sake (Rep3)leaves work and sees his coworkers Marg O'Reen (Rep2),
Phil Up(Rep2) and Violet Lite(Rep3) waiting with others for a bus that just won't be coming.
He offers them a lift in his car and they gratefully accept.
The Plan
Step1: Cross the road to the bank.
Step2: Pick up the car.
Step3: Fill the car with petrol
Step4: Head west to Marg's house

I used cars for the PEFs. This worked nicely. As they moved around it gave the city extra life.

Just as Pete and his friends were about to enter the bank they overtaken by a panicky group.
A fight breaks out! Straight away the best fighters Pete and Violet get knocked down!
Violet is hurt and out of the fight and things look touch and go and all we have done is cross the road!

Marg clobbers the woman in red over the head with her blue hand bag!
Pete manages a come back against his opponent.

Finally Pete stuns the man in the brown suit and Marg runs over bashs him over the head
with her handbag finishing him off. Wow that was a long fight!

Collecting money from the bank the friends head towards the car.
Another mob of panicky citizens try to over come the group.
Phil is helping Violet who is still groggy.
Pete and Marg are getting into a routine Pete knocks them down and Marg polishes them off!

Phil grapples with the guy that knocked Pete down.
Marg just takes out the woman with one swing of her handbag to the head!

Moving on, the streets seem eerily quiet.

Finally they make it to the car.

Driving to the Petrol Station they find a Que
Suddenly two fit looking Yuppies try to jack Petes car!

With Pete using his tyre lever and Phil a spanner the fight was over in a instant!
The team seems to be getting better with experience.

Fueled up the team head towards Marg's house in West Bodge.

Shuffling down road are two strange looking people.

Seeing the crowds forming outside the supermarket the team decide to
stop and get supplies before they are all cleared out.

Having a couple of improvised weapons and Violet back has realy given the team an edge.

Unfortunately the super market was nearly looted out.
Phil managed to find some food then someone shouted fire!

Escaping the burning store the team drives on to Marg's house.
The Dice say that her husband Val O'Reen (Rep3) is both home and not a Zombie!

Waving goodbye to Marg and Val the others start driving south to Phils house.
They run into two Zombies that had been following them since the super market. They hit the car but Pete manages to keep the it under control. He then sees a new larger group of Zs to the front. 

Pete makes the fatal decision to run through them.
He loses control of the car and it crashes Violet is killed and Phil is hurt. 

Pete picks up Phil and heads off. As the Zombies close it becomes tempting to drop Phil and save himself.
But Pete is made of the right stuff.

Thankfully Pete is able to run around a couple of panicky Citizens.
Still tense though. If they activate and attack Pete then the pursuing Zombies will have them all!

The zombies kill them giving Pete some sort of reprieve.
The two Zombies at the back, Bluesuit Z and Blue telephone Z
have now chased Pete in a complete circle since the first turn.

Two different Zombies have appeared and cut Pete off.

Val and Marg armed with gardening tools are on the way!
Pete needs to hold on.
These Zombies have finished feeding on the citizens and move towards the friends.
These guys remind me of the Beatles Album. Just needs a VW in background.

Val and Marg have rescued the boys but have had to fight their way back to the house.
Marg is injured as they try to get inside.

More Zs close in on the house.

Alerted by the fire. The Police arrive.

The Zombies manage to break down the door. One is knocked down but the other injures Val.
Now only Pete is left in the fight.

Sgt Plod (Rep4)and Constable Bleu (Rep4) exit the police car and go to work.
Quickly they down them all!
The Day ends with only Pete still standing. He gets a Rep advance.to 4.
Tomorrow they will have to try again to get to Phils place.


This was my first use of these rules. They gave a interesting, entertaining and enjoyable game.
Poor Violet never seemed to get going. Knocked out in the initial round of melee
she spent the whole first mission being carried or slumped in the back seat of the car.
Then unlucky in the car accident in second mission.
Pete did great, especialy saving Phil by carrying around the board and back to Marg's place.
Phil did his bit. Several times keeping his feet when if he fell they would have all gone down.
Marg was a star! She probably got more out of fight results than any body.

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