Sunday, 11 November 2012

Zedman Walking # 2

Annie get the gun! Day 2

Val and Marge stay home to fix the front door while Pete (Rep 4) 
and Phil (Rep 2)borrow the O'Reens car (Pete flipped his yesterday)
to go pick up Phils wife Annie Up (Rep 2) from their house.

The Plan
1.Go to the Up's house and pick up Annie and Phils rifle.
2. Go to the local shop and pick up more supplies.
3. All head back to the O'Reens house to wait out the troubles.

Taking a right hand turn towards Phil's house they find their way blocked by a group of Zombies.
Faced with the same situation that resulted in disaster yesterday Pete has to make quick decision.

He runs right over the one in the middle!
That's one ding he has to explain to Val!
As the car comes to a stop out side Phil's place the other two Z's are right on them.

The Boys jump out of the car and Pete (as usual) gets knocked down stunned.
Phil grapples with one Zombie then suddenly Annie comes flying out of the house
armed with a broom. She hits the Zombie wearing the green dress breaking the broom 
and getting a instant KO against it!

Unfortunately the other Zombie takes Phil out of the fight then the next turn stuns Annie.
The humans just can't get a good activation roll!
With three to feed on the Dice say that Phils the unlucky one!
The dice here says it will be 5 turns before the Zombie is finished.
Well Phil was pretty tubby!

Eventually Pete and Annie recover and Pete clubs the Zombie feeding on his friend.
He sends Annie inside to collect food while he gives his poor, recently deceased, good buddy
an extra hard blow to the head and hid his body under a pile of leaves.
The two of them then drive off.

They are then jumped by more Zombies. Pete manages to get them out of it.
A couple more dings for Val.

That's when Pete remembers Phils Rifle. So they go back for it.
When they emerge from the house they find an abandoned car outside.
They decide to ignore it and head to the shops.

The shops door was ajar so Pete heads in armed with his pick handle.
Annie hears him exclaim "That's new!" followed by two splats!
 He then comes flying out of the shop on to his bum! (as usual)

A Zombie follows and charges Annie. She pokes it in the eye with the
pointy end of her broken broom handle.
She helps Pete up and but they only manage to find one box of food.
Annie convinces Pete they have the time to check on Her next door neighbour Bobby Pin.
As the dice would have it Bobby was home and not a Zombie!
Bobby decides to load Her car and follow them back to Val and Marge's place
for a couple days or until this trouble dies down. 
Well Phil saved Pete's life but then lost his own when the humans had one activation in 6 turns!
Annie killed a couple of Zombies with a broom and went up to Rep 3.
The group gained a rifle, a car and 3 food.

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