Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Teugen-Hausen Scenario OOB

Some people have asked for the OOB from my battle report.
After rereading John Gill's account in "Thunder on the Danube" and the play through of the scenario from "Battles for Empire", Arnold & Reinersten, Napoleon Books, and not to forget my own errors I am posting a different, but I believe better, OOB than the one used for my battle report. 
Map changes: Reorientate the map so that Teugen is considered north and Hausen south. You can double the amount of western woods.

Austrian OOB

CinC III Corps FML Hohenzollern
Set Up:
Brigade: Kayser
IR#56 x 3 Line Battalions, IR#7 x 3 Line Battalions, one 6pndr Battery, one 2nd Rate Small Skirmisher group, one Hussar Sqdn x 1 Tiny Elite light cavalry.
Turn 4
Brigade: Pfanzelter
Grenz#9 x 2 Light Battalions, Erzherzog Karl Legion Jager x 2 Rifle armed small skirmisher groups, one 3pndr Battery
Turn 9
Brigade: Liechtenstein.
IR#12 x 3 Line Battalions
Turn 10
(part of Brigade Liechtenstein)
IR#23 x 2 Line Battalions, one 6 pndr Battery 
Turn 12
Brigade: Von Bieber
IR#20 x 3 Line battalions, 6pndr Battery, one 2nd Rate Small Skirmisher group
Turn 13
(Part of Brigade Von Bieber)
IR#38 x 3 Line Battalions
All appear from south. Pfanzelter south west.

French OOB

CinC III Corps Marshal Davout
Set Up
Brigade: Lorencez
3rd Ligne x 3 Line Battalions, one small skirmisher group
Turn 3
57th Ligne x 3 veteran Line Battalions,one small skirmisher group ( east )
Turn 6
10th Leger x 3 Veteran Light Battalions,one small skirmisher group, one 4pndr Horse battery (north)
Turn 8
Brigade: Destabenrath
72nd Ligne x 3 Line Battalions, one small skirmisher group( east )
Turn 9
105th Ligne x 3 Line Battalions,one small skirmisher group( east )
Turn 10
Brigade: Petit
2 x line Battalions, 3 x small skirmisher groups( east )
Turn 11
2 x 8 pndr Batteries and one 4 pndr Horse battery ( east )
Turn 12
Brigade: Grandeau
48th Ligne x 3 Line Battalions ( east )
Troops arriving (north) appear next to Teugen. Those ( east ) appear on road from north east of table.

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