Monday 23 July 2012

Chevau-Legers and Austrian Army

Last night I finished my second regiment of Austrian Chevau-Legers and so am now only two small 8 man skirmisher groups away from completing my Austrian Army. :o) To celebrate here's some pics of the Chevau-Legers with still wet bases and shots of the Austrian army sans one brigade of 1813 Infantry.
 They are AB figures. Lots of variety to the positioning of the horses heads just like a real line of horse and riders.
The Rest of the army is a variety of Essex, Battle Honors and AB's some of which date back to the early nineties when they were 12 man battalions fighting under the Shako rules. 

Cavalry: 2 regiments of Cuirassiers, 2 Regiments of Dragoons, 2 Regiments of Chevau-Legers, 2 Regiments of Hussars, one Regiment of Uhlans.
Infantry: 4 Battalions of Grenadiers, 10 Battalions of German Line, 3 Battalions of Hungarians, 2 Battalions of Grenz, 4 Battalions of Shako German Line, 1 Battalion of Jager, 18 companies of Skirmishers. 
and 5 Batteries. 
I keep the Guns loose so I can substitute what ever size I want.

And of course the Archduke Charles. :o)
Seemed to have missed taking shots of most of the cavalry. Oh well next batrep.

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