Sunday, 2 September 2018

Adapting my early 18th century Regiments.

I'm resizing the War of Spanish Succession Regiments so they can be used for Old school rules and the many Scenarios and Table top teasers I own. Twelve figure battalions just aren't enough. Eighteen is 50% better! :P

I will most likely use the rules from the book Charge but adapted to my table and unit size.
Of course after adaptions it will probably only see the spirit of the rules left.

Some new French Gun Crew and Howitzer.

The French Champagne Regiment. 

The Danish Prinz George Regiment.


  1. Nice additions, David!
    I am of the opinion that 18 figure infantry units are perfect for 28 mm figures. Probably because that’s the size I use for my own Napoleonics. 😉

  2. Aha! I'm also thinking they will be large enough to conduct campaigns as well.