Friday 21 July 2017

Ottingen's Dragoons. Swabia

After a long distraction here's some pictures of  my expanding War of Spanish Succession Armies.

Two squadrons of Ottingen's Dragoons from Swabia.

Another pic of Ottingen's Regiment.

This time some Prussians.
Sonfeld's Dragoons dismounted.

I very much enjoyed doing the horse holder.
All figures are 1/72 Zvezda's.

Brigadier General Bielke
This clean shaven young chap is commander of the
Danish Infantry Brigade that I painted earlier. 
He led them during the battle of Blenheim.
He's a Minifigs. I wonder how many different tables this 
sculpture has served on over the years?


  1. Nice work! The horses on the horse holder stand look suitably oily. I like it!

  2. Always interesting to have a few the horse holders on our table...and this cavalry looks dynamic and beautiful!

    1. Thank you Phil. I was so pleased when I saw they had included them in the set.

  3. This collection is really moving along, David!

  4. Thanks Peter. Its a fun period and scale to paint.

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