Saturday, 27 August 2016

Battle of Phillippi 3/6/61

I've foolishly wanted to play out Historical scenarios from the American Civil War from the beginning to end since I started collecting my armies. So this is the first of the series and arguably the first land battle of the civil war.
The Historical Battle of Phillippi was a instant rout with the Union forces surprising  unorganised Confederates in an early morning pincer move. To create some interest for myself I tasked the Confederates with holding the Town with two regiments against Col. Dumonts Brigade for 12 turns until Col. Kelly's Union Brigade turns up and sweeps all before them.
Dumont's column consists of the 14th Ohio, 6th and 7th Indiana Regiments plus two 6pndrs from the Cleveland Lt Artillery.

The alarm is raised and Col. Porterfield deploys a regiment each side of the bridge. 

Col. Dumont arrives with the 6th, 7th Indiana Regiments and the two 6pnr guns.  

The Guns deploy on the hill ready to support the advancing infantry. 

The 6th Indiana use the south woods as cover to out flank the Confederates.

 The 14th Ohio arrive on the Union left.

 The federals move into musket range.

The 7th Indiana take some hits. The drummer means they have disorder.

 The 1st Confederate Regiment has markers showing it is Disordered and Shaken.
Wooden houses only give a minimum amount of cover.

By turn 5 the 1st have had enough and run.
Fortunately Col. Porterfield was on hand to rally the boys!
 The 1st, now rallied, occupy some buildings on the south side of the river.

The 2nd Regiment now start taking the heat. They are now disordered. 

The Federals charge just falls short.

 The 6th Indiana successfully charge in.

  Col. Porterfield successfully manages to rally the second regiment.

 But they are charged in the rear by the 6th Indiana and...


The 6th then charges the last defended house but are broken.

On turn 11 the 7th Indiana attempt to cross the bridge but are disordered by Confederate musketry.
These troops then clog up the bridge allowing the Rebels to hold until the end of turn 12.
Confederate Victory!

I trialled the Black Powder Glory Hallelujah rules
and they gave an enjoyable game.

The next battle Big Bethel.


  1. Very good, enjoyed with a coffee. What does each base represent? And are you using full BP measurements (or half)?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Norm. I use 8 bases for an average size regiment. 400 to 600 men and half measurements seem to work well for 15mm figures.

  2. Nice looking game David, this bridge was so hard to take...beautiful pictures!

  3. Nice job on the AAR, David! This project could keep you busy for quite a while!

  4. Thanks Peter. Yes very long term goal! I have 9 battles for 1861 that I would like to finish by Christmas.

  5. Great aar and nice to see a replay of one of the lesser known battles.
    I don't think it's in any way foolish to play out historical battles, looking forward to seeing more.
    I did think the use of a single drummer figure to represent disorder/shaken to be inspired.

  6. Great looking game and top write-up David. Lovely photos too.
    Good to see some fine wargames ambition, it will keep you out of mischief for a while, as Peter mentions!

  7. Thanks James. It was the ANF historical battle series that gave me the inspiration.

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